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UPDATE 3-4-2019:

* We're now on Steam! Check out the latest version here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/746560/Gadgeteer/

* This page will no longer be updated.

* Also, the game is now called Gadgeteer.









Welcome Creators, Makers, Builders!

Build and launch your dream chain reaction machine.

Ruberg is a VR puzzle game where you build wacky chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. Your machines will use gadgets and objects to launch, bump, twist, and turn—creating crazy chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time.

Prepare your wits because you'll need it to build your masterpiece!

Story Mode (Puzzle Mode)
Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of a brilliant mad scientist. Where did he go? What was he building? And why was he so secretive about it? Solve the puzzles he's left for you to build what he's built and explore a world of infinite possibilities.

Sandbox Mode
Build your dream chain reaction machine without any rules but the rules of physics. Best of yet, don't worry about stepping on any sharp pieces or cleaning up afterwards! When you're done, share your masterpiece and/or experience the engineering marvels of others.

Available For: HTC Vive

Final Version Available On: Steam

Release Date: Early 2019


  • Launch a pre-built chain reaction machine
  • Choose from 27 unique gadgets to build with
  • Glue gadgets onto walls & furniture
  • Delete unwanted gadgets
  • Clear the room by deleting all gadgets
  • Move around
  • Set quality settings
  • Party mode (?)
  • Music by Jeremy Lim Music

Upcoming Features

  • Save & load your ruberg
  • Share your work with others (via Steam Workshop)
  • Launch other people's work
  • Scaling of gadgets
  • Gadget-to-gadget gluing
  • Undo & redo


  • Grab & Hold — Trigger button
  • Move — Hold down grip button & swing your arms naturally as if you're walking
  • Library — Press small button located above the trackpad
  • Menu — Press and hold small button located above the trackpad
  • Glue — Press topside of the trackpad to toggle the glue mode on. While on, grab a gadget and press against a gluable surface

Where to find us

Website: www.metanautvr.com

Reddit: r/gadgeteergame

Facebook: facebook.com/metanaut

Twitter: @metanautvr

Youtube: Metanaut

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Help us make Ruberg a game you'll enjoy by telling us what you think of it. We'll take every feedback and suggestion into consideration.

For example, tell us which gadgets we should remove from the current selection (if any).

Or, what gadgets you'd like to see in the final version.

PS: Have a nice day today :)


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Any chance this will be made to work with Windows MR headsets? Looks cool. 

Make a non-vr version please

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We'd love to do that as well, but for now we are only focusing on the VR version.

Have you heard of the Crazy Machine series? Their games let you build chain reaction machines and are non-vr.

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Im so happy to finally be able to play your game again, now that i got the vive after so long... haha its hard but well totally woth it, and damn i can be all day in this game,  there is so much you can do! you must make this online somehow :) 

PD: Great game hope to see the full release :D 

Thanks for the happy thoughts! We're still working on Ruberg. More announcements forthcoming, stay tuned here: http://rubergthegame.com/

Mac please

We would really like to do that as well, but not before Macs fully support VR

This is really cool! Looking forward to the full release :)


Thank you! We checked out your game as well, and we think VR city building sims will be incredibly fun. Looking forward to seeing what you guys end up with! 

dont work for me :(( i see only piece of game

Hey Hirashi, we're sorry you're having troubles :( . Could you describe more in detail what is wrong and send it to support@metanautvr.com? Maybe include a screenshot or two.

We'll try to help you out

Could your issue be related to the recent issue with SteamVR + Windows 10?

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so far love this idea and how its coming along.......an option to have some pieces snap together would be nice like if you were to be holding down the down button on the pad and stuff would align with other pieces also the tacking is a great idea but nees a little work the spinning thing keeps tacking its paddles and not its base to objects then it wont spin

Thanks for the feedback kizerp! We're glad you like it. Gluing the wrong part of the gadget is a known bug it'll be fixed in the next release.

Snapping gadgets together is also in our plan, but would you like to share in more detail on how you imagine the snapping system works?

so for snapping ive played some games where objects snap together and are then locked in that postion and cant be adjusted further which would make it difficult in a game like this to get just the right angles that some peoole would want. so instead of locking in place why not have it so its almost like its connected on a ball joint the track like pieces can snap into perfect alignment then allow for it to be twisted around or angled up and withot becoming disconnected similar to a wodden toy train track the metal rods act similar connecting at the ends and allowing full rotation to get just the right angles sorry if ive explained it porly but i hope you get the general idea

That's a great idea! No worries, we understand your post perfectly. We have imagined that the snapping system should work like how you just described, so stay tuned for future updates to see it in action!

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